Signs Your Medical Practice Is in Trouble

Signs Your Medical Practice is in Trouble

Medical practices require effective systems and processes to manage and maintain. Any kinks that are not straightened out could result in burnout, patient dissatisfaction or worse, folding. Here are some signs your practice is in trouble and what you can do to avoid going under. Sign #1: Workflows are all over the place Your workflows…

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Essential Skills to Look for in Medical Distant Assistants

Essential Skills to Look for in Medical Virtual Assistants

Searching for the perfect fit for a job entails some very important considerations. Even greater care is required when dealing with distant positions in medical practices. Knowing the essential skills to look for in medical distant assistants will help ensure you hire highly-qualified individuals. Excellent Communication Skills Any working relationship requires effective communication between colleagues.…

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General Medical Distant Assistants versus Virtual Medical Scribes: Spot the Difference

General Medical Virtual Assistants versus Virtual Medical Scribes: Spot the Difference

Medical professionals find medical assistants and scribes familiar. However, with technological advancements came the new breed of medical paraprofessionals who get to work remotely. In this blog, we compare general medical distant assistants versus virtual medical scribes. A Briefer on Remote Workers Bottleneck Medical Distant Services (BMDS) sprang from the business outsourcing agency Bottleneck Distant…

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Reasons to Use Zoom for Medical Distant Assistants

Reasons to Use Zoom for Medical Virtual Assistants

Technological advancements in healthcare can be daunting but telecommunication has slowly become part of the day-to-day operations of some organizations. Take for example a Phoenix-based hospital that has utilized Zoom to expedite their systems and processes. With its proven functionality and integrity, you would want to explore the possibility of applying Zoom for medical distant…

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