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Essential Skills to Look for in Medical Distant Assistants

Essential Skills to Look for in Medical Virtual Assistants

Searching for the perfect fit for a job entails some very important considerations. Even greater care is required when dealing with distant positions in medical practices. Knowing the essential skills to look for in medical distant assistants will help ensure you hire highly-qualified individuals.

Excellent Communication Skills

Any working relationship requires effective communication between colleagues. Strong communication skills play an even bigger role in workplace success when the parties involved are working from across screens.

Distant workers do not enjoy the convenience of immediate clarification or correction of any miscommunications in a traditional clinic or office. In any medical practice, every minute wasted adds to the possibility of losing a patient. Thus, your staff needs to be efficient and not just good communicators.

At BMDS, our three-step vetting process for hopefuls includes screening for English communication skills. We make sure that candidates can read, write and comprehend English well.

All our medical distant assistants are college graduates who received instruction in English from as early as primary school. With more than a decade of exposure to the English medium, you can be positive that your medical distant assistant can converse with you like a native speaker.

Predisposition to Healthcare 

Distant assistants for the medical field also have to be capable of understanding medical and practice-specific jargon. They have to be quick to learn electronic health record codes that you will train them for.

Our candidates have undergone solid medical education and training. This sets them apart from other distant workers. Their DNA is set to imbibe your unique language without a hitch. 

Being hardwired to learn about the US healthcare and insurance system with little guidance also comes a long way. This added bonus comes with hiring a Bottleneck MDA. After all, candidates have developed a predisposition to the know-hows of medical care thanks to their credentials.

Soft Skills

Personality not only drives behavior. It also affects the dynamics of the workplace. Everyone has a unique personality that may or may not go well with others’.

An individual’s soft skills is an amalgamation of their people skills, career attributes and social and emotional intelligence. The right combination of such attributes in a team will maintain workplace harmony and contribute to increased productivity.

When you hire new staff, you would want someone whose principles align with yours. Your weaknesses should be their strengths and vice versa. This way, you all become synergists to each other.

Bottleneck evaluates its medical distant assistants with personality tests that will help you decide. When you come to us to hire for you, know that we will give you a preview of what it would be like to work with your future MDA.

Hiring the right person for the right job is no walk in the park. However, understanding what you actually need to look for in a candidate can save you not only time and energy but also that hard-earned money. Make sure to keep in mind these skills to look for in medical distant assistants when you decide to hire one for your practice.

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