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Talk with us today about the possibility of hiring qualified medical distant assistants for your private practice.

What can a Medical Distant Assistant (MDA) do for you?

A Medical Distant Assistant becomes an extension of your private practice. Cut down the hours (2 +) you spend on updating your charts everyday.  See more patients. Leave the eligibility & benefits checks and electronic health records (EHR) to your MDA's.

You invest more time serving patients who need your expertise and regain control of your office and life.

There are two types of medical MDAs:

General MDA and DMS.

Both of these positions are critical to the success of your medical private practice. We train you how to hire both of these positions that will positively impact your bottom line.

General Medical DA

General Medical DAs verify the insurance eligibility of your patients as they inquire. This ensures that patients are properly covered by the insurance accepted at your clinic. 

This is a preventative measure that avoids collections. It also prepares your patients in advance for what they owe so they aren't surprised with massive bills. Great customer service.

Distant Medical Scribe

Distant Medical Scribes document your consultations via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. They encode, encrypt and transmit private health information into your choice of EHR software. 

Avoid spending countless hours updating your own progress notes so you can either leave earlier or see more patients on a daily basis. Grow your private practice and lessen your workload!

Get to know better how your Medical Distant Assistant will positively impact the way you run your practice.

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