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Seal of Compliance

This seal is to certify that Bottleneck Medical Distant Services (BMDS) has completed Total HIPAA’s HIPAA Prime Program for the corresponding year. HIPAA Prime is a detailed process that is reviewed annually, or when there is a change in company practices, and repeated from scratch every 2-3 years.

While HIPAA Compliance is an ongoing process, BMDS has passed Total HIPAA’s highest standards. This includes:


1. Staff Training

BMDS has kept detailed logs that show not only a present state of compliance but also a documented history of it. All employees that have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) have passed their annual HIPAA Training.


2. Risk Assessment

BMDS has gone through a thorough Risk Assessment review process and, with the help of Total HIPAA’s experts, has identified and mitigated key vulnerabilities.


3. Privacy Policies and Procedures

As required by law, BMDS has created detailed Privacy Policies and Procedures that lay out exactly how it will protect PHI, and what it can and is required to do with this information.


4. Security Policies and Procedures

As required by law, BMDS has detailed Security Policies and Procedures that address how it protects all electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).


5. Disaster Recovery Plan

BMDS has a plan for how to get back up and runnivng as quickly as possible, whether it is met with a natural disaster or a failed hard drive.


6. Breach Plan

BMDS has planned how to mitigate a breach and notify parties when their PHI may have been compromised.


7. Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)

BMDS sets expectations for personal device usage, who to notify if a device is lost or stolen, and consequences for improper use.


8. Remote Access Policy

This policy outlines the company plan to help contractors understand what procedures and safeguards the company have in place that pertain to accessing systems remotely.


9. Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) and Attestations

BMDS goes an extra step by having Business Associates sign an attestation of compliance. These agreements are required for any Business Associates who come in contact with PHI as a part of doing business with the company.


10. Confidentiality Agreements with all Employees

BMDS requires all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement, which is another way the company takes protecting information seriously.


11. Privacy Notices

BMDS sends out a Privacy Notice to any person who may share his or her PHI with the company. This is required by law and a sign of the company’s high privacy standards.

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