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Bottleneck Medical Distant Services (BMDS) Launches Distant Assistant Services to Podiatrists

Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services (BMVS) Launches Virtual Assistant Services to Podiatrists

After a three-month pilot program, Bottleneck Medical Distant Services now opens her doors to more podiatrists who want to improve their quality of life by hiring a distant assistant.

Dr. Laurino has been in practice for over 10 years and is not a stranger to the challenges in the field. He is a board-certified expert with specialties in podiatric surgery and sports medicine. He has also spoken at conferences and events and is an active member of the Institute for Podiatric Excellence & Development (IPED) group.  

His co-founder, Jaime Jay, has been working with distant assistants since 2006. Jaime is an up-and-coming entrepreneur with a passion for helping small business owners create their own systems, streamline their daily operations and ultimately grow at a maximum level.  

They have teamed up to bring the best of both worlds.     

Preventing Physician Burnout

The Physicians Foundation survey in 2018 revealed that 78 out of 100 physicians always feel burned out – a widespread phenomenon that has resulted to a downturn in the overall quality of care for patients and in the quality of life for doctors.

What are medical distant assistants?

Medical distant assistants (MDA) are remote office assistants. They take care of administrative responsibilities, so that doctors can focus on treating patients. Hiring them also costs less than working with traditional office personnel.   

BMVS offers two main types of MDAs, namely the General Medical distant Assistant and the Distant Medical Scribe.

General medical Distant assistants specialize in verifying the patient’s’ insurance eligibility. They review the existing coverage and prepares patients on what to know about it.

The latter type of MDA specializes in transcribing accurate patient data into the doctor’s chosen EHR/EMR software. They take care of the necessary documentation, while the doctor takes care of the patient.

Both types of assistants work with doctors via HIPAA-compliant video conference calls on a daily basis.

Work with Competitive Remote Professionals

All medical distant assistant job applicants at BMVS are required to undergo a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training program for security and better administration of remote services to doctors.

They also go through a systematic screening process that ensures their qualifications in the field. They are all college graduates and/or registered nurses with at least one year of clinic experience. Their soft skills and tech requirements are evaluated in the preliminary stage.  

To all interested podiatrists, free consultations are available through the BMVS website.

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