Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been providing scribe services?

Our team has been involved with, or directly providing, Medical Distant Assistant Services since 2006. Bottleneck Medical Distant Services was organized in 2018 in response to the growing nationwide demand for quality Medical Distant Assistant Services that accurately and efficiently meet the medical needs of physicians.

What does a GMDA do?

A General Medical Distant Assistant (GMDA) is a remote assistant who performs administrative tasks for healthcare practitioners similar to an on-site medical assistant. Some of their duties include Eligibility/Benefits verifications, answering the phones and prior authorizations to name a few.

How do I track how many hours my MDA is performing?

We use time tracking software that they MDA logs into on each shift. We accurately track their time and if there are questions as to the amount of time they are submitting for each pay period, we also record screen shots of their computer at random times during their shift.

How do I communicate with my MDA?

You can reach your Medical Distant Assistant (as you are comfortable with) through Mail/Chat/Video Conferencing/Phone. Our assistants are available for all these communication methods. Much of the communication standards are dependent upon your systems and processes.

Where are you located?

Bottleneck Medical Distant Services has two locations in Tempe, AZ and Springfield, MO and operations are performed in the Philippines.

What is the process of assigning my new MDA?

We pride ourselves on offering individual support. We save you time by performing the initial sourcing process and then will recommend three highly skilled candidates for you to choose from. Once you choose the candidate that best fits you and your practice, they will work directly with your organization and will become a part of your existing team.

Do you comply with HIPAA policies?

Yes. Yes. We conduct HIPAA training for all MDAs as well as frequent auditing and continuing education for our MDS. If you want to know more about our HIPAA training program please reach out to Rechelle, our Director of Human Resources at

Are your MDA's home or office-based?

Our Medical Distant Assistants work both at home and in our offices, dependent upon their location and comply with all remote-access HIPAA compliancy policies regardless of their work location.

What are the qualifications of your Medical Distant Assistants?

All our assistants are college graduates and/or Registered Nurses (RN). We do this for a multitude of reasons, but here are the main benefits for you:
They complete goals and objectives.

  • Registered nurse with at least 1 year experience
  • Good English communication and comprehension skills
  • Stable hard-wired internet connection with 10 mbps
  • Should have a backup
  • Computer/laptop
  • Should have a conducive work station with white background
  • Webcam
  • Amenable to work 20-40 hours/week (US time)
How much does an MDA cost?

Please see our pricing page to get the most recent overview. 

Questions You Should Be Asking

Are your Medical Distant Assistants familiar with my EHR software?

Yes and no. They understand what EHR is and may be familiar with a certain software, however they will need to be trained on your EHR software. Due to the large number of EHR solutions on the market, it is virtually impossible for our MDA's to know all of the different software out of the gate. Our MDA's have the capacity to learn and work with any and all EHR platforms.

Do Medical Distant Scribes code and bill the chart?

No, they do not. However, they can apply frequent codes that a practice uses based on the practice dictation to help ensure accuracy and efficiency in billing. We highly encourage physicians to double-check for accuracy and efficiency for at least the first few months to ensure the progress notes are being recorded correctly.

Do I have control of my data?

Yes. Each of our MDA staff members has completed the HIPAA compliancy checklist to ensure that they are operating according to remote-access best practices according to Health and Human Services HIPAA Security Guide. We also guide you to only give access to what the VMA needs to accomplish their tasks. This reduces risks and improves your data security.

How do I pay my MDA?

Bottleneck Medical Distant Services sends out invoices in two pay periods:

  1. 1 - 15th
  2. 16 - End of each Month

We will invoice you on the first business day after the end of each pay period. We recommend paying your invoice as soon as possible as we send the payment to your MDA as soon as we receive your payment.

What if my Dedicated Distant Assistant doesn't show up for their shift?

We are here to serve and support you. If your Dedicated Distant Assistant does not show up for work, reach out to your business development representative right away. You can also send an email to