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About Bottleneck Medical Distant Services

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What is Bottleneck Medical Distant Services (BMDS)?

Founded in 2018, Bottleneck Medical Distant Services is a vertical of the business process outsourcing agency Bottleneck Distant Assistants. Our medical distant assistants understand the pressing challenges that physicians face every day in their practice, from piled progress notes and lower quality of patient care. These qualified talents share the same culture and love for healthcare integrated in the company’s core values and beliefs.

This enables BMDS to create, build and nurture professional relationships and assist private practices by delivering a roadmap with built-in systems and processes. We look forward to seeing these provide for a clear and concise future while instilling confidence throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Our Philosophy

We view the world through the lenses of a systematic approach to private practice growth. This ensures a higher success rate during the hiring process.

We embrace growth through transparency and efficiency. Integrity and good ethical values drive sound judgment.

Internal communication is paramount to external appreciation. The most important people involved in this business is the internal staff.

Confidence is about understanding and knowledge. Always be prepared to explain every aspect of the process in easy to understand terminology.

Working with us is an experience. We believe that experience should be unique, practiced and delivered with unequivocal passion.

Minds behind this

What can a Medical Distant Assistant (MDA) do for you?

A Medical Distant Assistant becomes an extension of your private practice. Cut down the 2+ hours you spend updating your charts every day. Leave the eligibility and benefits checks and electronic medical records (EMR) to your MDAs so you can see more patients.

Invest more time in patients who need your expertise and regain control of your office and life.

There are three types of MDAs: General Medical Distant Assistant, New Patient Intake Coordinator and Distant Medical Scribe. Both of these positions are critical to the success of your medical private practice. We train you how to hire both of these positions that will positively impact your bottom line.

General Medical DA

General Medical DAs verify the insurance benefits and eligibility of your patients as they inquire. This ensures that patients are properly covered by the insurance accepted at your clinic.

This is a preventative measure that avoids collections. It also prepares your patients in advance for what they owe so they aren't surprised with massive bills. Great customer service.

Distant Medical Scribe

Distant Medical Scribes document your consultations via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. They encode, encrypt and transmit patient health information into your choice of EMR.

Avoid spending countless hours updating your own progress notes so you can either leave earlier or see more patients on a daily basis. Grow your private practice and lessen your workload!

Get to know better how your medical VA will positively impact the way you run your practice.

Common Fears of Hiring a Medical VA

There are several factors that may hold you back in making the decision to hire regardless of prior experience in the field. Here are some usual fears of hiring a medical VA that we have compiled:

  • Communication barrier
  • Finding a qualified medical VA
  • Output quality and productivity
  • Previous hiring experience
  • Sharing confidential information
  • Staff goes AWOL
  • Tight budget
  • Time zone difference
  • Unsure what kind of medical VA to hire
  • Unsure what tasks to outsource
  • Workplace accountability
  • Zero knowledge in staff hiring
  • Zero knowledge in staff management

How does medical virtual assistance address these fears?

People have been drawn closer by technology with the Internet era upon us. We can access reliable and affordable tools from almost anywhere in the world.

Medical virtual assistance is one such aid in the plight of physicians for financial freedom, productivity, and work-life balance. In order to address the fears that come with the territory, Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services have come up with a Seven-Step Hiring Formula to attract the right hire.

The BMVS Seven-Step Hiring Formula

We are cognizant of the need to set expectations and prepare your staff so you can achieve your goals for the betterment and growth of your private practice.

Our Seven-Step Hiring Formula seeks to address major human resource challenges faced by physicians and medical professionals. It is founded on guidelines that will help evaluate your needs to match you up with qualified medical virtual assistants before getting you onboard.

Step 1 Delegation Roadmap

Identify the tasks that give you energy so you can focus on them as well as those that you find least enjoyable and delegate them instead.

Step 2 Job Role Definition

Define the job role your medical VA is going to take and all the responsibilities that the position entails.

Step 3 Agenda & Action Items

Get tips and strategies to set up agenda and action items for more productive meetings with your medical VA (or team).

Step 4 Interview Strategy

Learn effective interview strategies and expectations for the Bottleneck interview process.

Step 5 Contractor Agreement

Receive an outline of things to expect when working with Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services.

Step 6 Onboarding

You are now ready to work with your new medical VA. Learn more tips to get you started.

Step 7 Systems & Processes

To ensure the smooth running of your private practice, learn the best strategies before, during, and after you hire.

Talk with us today about the possibility of hiring qualified medical virtual assistants for your private practice.


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Bottleneck Medical Virtual Services offers professional growth opportunities for ambitious physicians by creating an efficient and systematic approach to identify, hire and cultivate team members who focus on specific roles and responsibilities in your private practice.

Stop the bottleneck in your practice. Hire qualified medical talent now.

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